Organization Dashboards

Dashboard To promote Your Business.
Dashboards show you an overview of business.

  • Upcoming and expiring contract
  • job tickets number
  • Financial status
  • installation status
  • Which techs are making you the most money and who needs training

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Scheduling & Monitoring
Scheduling & Monitoring

Scheduling & Monitoring

A smart monitoring board that present you all process

On a single view, you can see all your jobs orders: assigned, unassigned and completed. assign work orders to service workers based on skill set and availability.

  • To assign a job, just click the job to the service worker
  • Monitor the status on real time: pending, dispatching, working, completed
  • Use map-based scheduling to route your service workers
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Equipment tracking


Forget paper and joint to the new world with friendly app on your cellphone

Create custom forms for each type of equipment you service to make sure the job gets done right.

Identify customers with aging equipment to boost replacement opportunities

Evaluate customers base on equipment’s information to making replacement opportunities

Application features

• Customers Submit Failure announcement easily.
• Coordination message improve your connection to service company
• Performance Evaluate & Scoring to Service
• Calling Service Company Through APP
• Receiving invoice service and spare parts.
• Easy Access to history work orders and equipment
• View contract details.
• View insurance details.
• Receive expiring notice contract.
• Extending the contract through APP by digital signature.
• Online payment.
• Receive invoice automatically by details.

• Schematic Reports of failures is helping manager to analyze equipment.
• Schematic Reports of services is improving services efficiency.
• Tracing expiry date of contract easily.
• View number of active contact and amount of them to getting optimum allocation of the resources.
• Manage your cash flow by compare anticipate income and received income.
• Customers Debits is accessible in your phone.
• Tracing expiry date of insurance easily.
• View of daily services.
• prevent crisis through Notify Incomplete work orders.
• Receive Failure announcement.
• Service scheduling is accessible in your phone.
• Manage your resource and reassign the technician fast and easily

• Found customer place through map routing in APP.
• Access history of job report online.
• Submit report even offline.
• Submit cash payment which have collect by Technician.
• Access to failure announcement list.
• Access to open work orders list.
• Fill the checklist of services online.
• Submit complete work order online.

• Tracing the work order steps online.
• Service planning.
• Financial management.
• Send automatic message to customers and technician.
• Print contract in customize design.
• Issuing the invoice.
• Extending the contracts.
• Submit failure announcement.
• receipt of payment online through Connecting to financial systems.
• Sales and Marketing management
• Inventory and purchasing management.
• Installation and implementation equipment management.
• Control Contract and insurance near to finish


Picture and attachments

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Use media to record all events to find out all of the details about equipment, maintenance issues and installation


Integrate all of your data

  • All of transaction, technician reports, customer reauests come together only by onetime data entry.
  • Reduce the time of submitting data more than 25% by online data entry.

Inventory management

  • Manage Your Inventory. Efficient your service. Reduce Your Costs
  • Assign spare parts and consumable material to the work order
  • Manage your inventory in any size warehouse.
  • Determine the optimum reorder point and order quantity to achieve optimized inventory management.

Service contract

Manage your contract easily and bill your services

never lose your money

alert you to the right action in a right time for issuing invoice, extending contract, scheduling, collect money

Send notification and invoices to customers automatically

Jump to new level of income

Spend Less Time Calling

Spend your time to expand your market

Doing your task, faster, easier and don’t wasting time

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Manage conversations with leads and customers at scale

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Send targeted messages to the right people at the right time.

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Hybrid your technician , they are seller

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